AC Engine Project

Life for The Weller 2 Litre 6 Cylinder Engine


Supplier Links

Here are some useful links to fastening and parts/service suppliers - mainly in the UK, but with help I can build the page to assist others in foreign lands.

I am trying to put the page together based on recommendations - any supplier who wishes to be considered, please supply your link and I will add it(if appropriate).

I have found a source for Repair of Lucas Distributors who looks very good, can overhaul to a good standard and correct advance curves to suit engine tune.  phone 01398 361 678

There is also an Electronic type for those people interested in up to date technology  There 123/GB-6-R-V has 16 advance curves to choose from & can be fitted with the Fibre AC gear with a tube adapter both are available from SC Parts Group Ltd , I have given this information to a USA Member who is trying one shortly. I have purchased one to try myself!

Good Select of trim materials try:
Seals + Direct

Miller Oils
Oils to suite.

White Metal Specialists
JEL Bearings Ltd.